I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2012 and was taking medication for the condition. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I started bleeding in my 3rd month. in my uterus, the doctors found a clot 3 times the size of my baby. I was immediately instructed to rest in bed.

It was a very difficult period. We had to deal with the constant fear that we could lose our child. After 1.5 months of bed rest, I again faced severe bleeding. The doctors declared that there was a rupture in the sac and that the amniotic fluid was leaking. They couldn’t do anything to save my 4.5-month-old baby in my womb. Eventually, we had to abort the pregnancy.

It was during this time that a dear friend who was residing in Singapore sent me an online video of Joseph Prince and his teaching on Christ’s finished work. I was impacted by the teaching that I am completely and irrevocably free from all sins, ancestral curses, and diseases because of the price Christ had paid for me on the cross.

I never knew that I have a loving Father in heaven who loves me so much and is constantly looking out for me until I heard the teachings of Joseph Prince. My husband and I started reading the Bible. I checked each of his teachings against Scripture. We also discussed and shared information from the sermons we each heard. All this resulted in great change in our family life.

We were able to love each other more through Christ’s love. Our daughter also started improving in her studies and in her extracurricular activities. She started showing more interest in knowing Jesus.

In 2015 while watching Joseph Prince one day, I raised my hands toward the television to pray. At that time, I saw a vision of a small fetus being carried to me in two open hands. I was quite surprised because I was not thinking of having a baby then. A month later, we traveled to our hometown for our summer break and I discovered I was 1 month pregnant. From then on my journey was a whole different ride from my last pregnancy—the Lord supernaturally provided not just strength but also the finances we needed.

By God’s grace, I’m now holding a healthy baby boy. He is a living testimony that God loves us and cares for His children.

Thank you, Joseph, for revealing who Jesus is to me and my family. Together, my family and I are continuing this wonderful and supernaturally blessed journey with Christ!

Gisha Shibu  | India

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